The system is a center for receiving and handling e-mail messages and incoming paper correspondence.

Its purpose is to process an incoming message into electronic form and, through defined connectors with the Ordering Party's internal systems, to distribute that message to the appropriate place, to bookmark a task for the user to perform in order to handle that message. Sometimes it is enough to archive the message, and sometimes to answer it or give it a procedural course. Thanks to the sewn-in workflow engine, most of the process takes place automatically, and the user is called up when the need arises (e.g., processing a request or responding individually to a message when it is impossible to use a template).

Key features of the system:

  • Mailbox monitoring
  • OCR of emails, attachments and scanned paper documents
  • Identification of the customer and the system holding their file (from where communications to the customer were previously generated)
  • Archiving the message in the right place
  • Identification of keywords, in order to scramble the individual response task or run the decision engine to generate an automatic response (from a template).

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