It is LOAN Origination's solution for demanding customers who expect a tailor-made product (custom solution). It will allow you to independently define loan products and their financial logic, processes, scoring, outbound communication templates and much more.

Key components of the system:

  • Support for multiple application runoff channels (Web, Broker, Agent, Affiliate, Call-Center, Mobile Apps)
  • Define your own scoring rules or integrate with a decision engine of your choice.
  • Defining your own financial products (extensive product calculator)
  • Multiple channels for handling financing disbursements
  • Process management (graphical workflow editor)
  • Extensive system self-administration capabilities (outbound communication templates, actions, reports, flow process)
  • Payment monitoring and ongoing customer service
  • Recording of current payments, costing and posting of payments

The system doesn't stop at lending. Manage your portfolio, classify customers and undertake marketing activities. Depending on your needs, organize soft debt collection, hard debt collection or manage the process of outsourcing receivables or selling portfolios.

Let's create a superb system together.

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