A solution to streamline the advertising campaign planning process for OOH, Digital, Radio, TV, Press media.

With the help of our system:

  • You will easily and efficiently manage your client's campaigns - the system stores all media activities that are conducted for the client.
  • You will quickly generate Mediaplan in Excel (in the format the client wants) or other documents such as contracts, orders, presentations, etc.
  • You will efficiently manage your campaign documentation - we store both all generated documents in the system and those you get from the client, e.g. a signed order.
  • You will have a database of customers, suppliers and carriers in one place.
  • For better media planning, each media type has a separate module, e.g. digital we plan on flowchart, and outdoor on google map.
  • We will integrate with your financial system or CRM if needed
  • We are the owners and developers of the system so, we can customize the system according to your requirements.

System functions (CRM):

  • Contractor database - Agency Flow manages a database of information on the company's customers and suppliers.
  • Documentation of ongoing campaigns - The system automatically creates orders, contracts, mediaplans. The system generates documents based on templates. Agency Flow allows you to store the most important documents for your business in the cloud and segregate them according to their importance. This way important presentations, offers or invoices will always be easy to find.
  • Controlling reports (profitability) - Agency Flow stores all the information that makes it possible to conduct profitability analysis in the area of customer, campaign, supplier, carrier.

Features for Outdoor Advertising (OOH):

  • Media database - All media added to the system form a database. The system supports both own and leased media from other entities. The database has information about the frequency of use of the carriers, evidence photos, technical specifications, etc.
  • Google Maps - The system is integrated with Google maps, where the presentation of planned carriers takes place. It is also possible to enable the Street View function.
  • Customer portal - Thanks to the created mechanism for publishing data, the system allows sharing the results of work with the customer. We can make campaigns available to the customer for review or he can participate in the campaign planning process himself.
  • POIs - Agency Flow allows you to plan campaigns based on POIs (Point of Interest) such as cinemas, shopping malls, gas stations. Adding new POIs to the system is child's play and consists of searching for points in Google.
  • Offer Import - The system has the ability to automatically import offers from suppliers. Agency Flow has implemented mechanisms for importing data from Excel files from all major suppliers in the market.
  • PostBuy - After installation, Agency Flow allows you to upload evidence images into the system and then generate a postbuy report in the form of a .pdf document or Power Point presentation.

Features for Internet (Digital) advertising:

  • Campaign flowchart (Mediaplan) - Agency Flow allows you to plan your emissions based on the flowchart mechanism, which makes it possible to transparently analyze the planned media over days and weeks. Once finished, it is possible to export campaign data to Excel format in a layout according to the requirements of individual clients.
  • Creative materials - It is possible to add creative materials to scheduled media. Agency Flow stores both the creative files and a set of their attributes (weight, copy length, creative type, etc.).
  • Tagging - The system generates control codes that can be pasted into traking tools (e.g. gemius, sizmek).

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