Supports mass primary and secondary creditors. Allows you to manage a debt portfolio in an automated manner using a workflow engine. Supports debt collection comprehensively or only in the area requiring improvement - modular design.

Key components of the system:

  • Composing a system from ready-made elements subject to customization according to customer requirements
  • Handling all processes encountered in debt collection:
    • Scoring (segmentation of debtors in order to give the appropriate process path)
    • Monitoring
    • Amicable collection
    • Field collection
    • Call-Center
    • Judicial and enforcement (including EPU, Common Courts Information Portal, integration with bailiff systems
    • Sale and outsourcing of receivables
  • Enhanced financial mechanisms (posting of payments or reflecting the posting of cor systems, detailed records of costs and settlements with partners)
  • Two mechanisms for assigning work (pool/overship management)
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Extensive possibilities for self-administration of the system

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