LENDING BOX is a solution dedicated to customers expecting a quick launch of online loan products, while minimizing the configuration and time required for the production launch of the system.

Lending BOX was developed based on our more than 20 years of experience in building systems for the financial sector. Among our past implementations, we have observed functionalities whose configuration method is unique to each implementation. We have also observed those that are an indispensable part of a coherent lending system, and it is on the basis of these observations that we have developed a solution to reprocess installment and instant products from start to finish.

What do we need to get up and running in your organization?

  • Define the product (instant, installment product)
  • Possible proposals for changes to our proposed process for handling the application
  • Initial outbound communication templates (contract, letter, sms, e-mail)
  • Possible proposals for changes to the proposed operational reports
  • Environment under implementation (we can also organize it for you)
  • Logins to applications and determine their level of authorization

Key functionalities:

  • Product - installment loan / instant loan
  • API to www - downloading applications from the website
  • Document generation (contract, schedule, etc.).
  • Bulk texting and emailing
  • Workflow configuration of the application handling process
  • Ready-made scoring model
  • Tax reports, subsidiary ledger


Let's create a superb system together.

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