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bakk debt manager
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Automate your collections using BAKK’s DEBT Manager solution

DEBT Manager is an IT system that provides comprehensive support of debt collection, from monitoring to judicial and bailiff’s operations.

DEBT Manager is integrated with CRM, sales and transaction systems, bookkeeping systems which enables consolidation of all client debt data, immediate flagging of overdue accounts and managing collection actions.

Our promise is large scale collection automated at stages of amicable and judicial collection


Debtor categorization and process automation in DEBT Manager enables effective monitoring of thousands of debtors.

DEBT Manager has tools to manage in-house debt collection and facilitates cooperation with external collection agencies, law firms, economic and credit information bureaus. It speeds up debt collection, reduces the number of difficult cases and allows to maintain friendly relationships with clients.

DEBT manager is a perfect tool for organizing collection processes, controlling the level of debt, and streamlining of the debt collection. It main area of application is large scale collection

Our debt collection application monitors cash inflow from accounts receivable and reminds debtors of debt on monitoring stage, supports electronic, e-mails, written or telephony communication.


The debt manager helps judicial employees with preparing and issuing traditional and electronic claims and it also helps debt collectors with enforcing payments in a traditional and an electronic way.

DEBT Manager integrates with a your systems such as sales or billing systems thus the flow of information is instantaneous and automatic. Our system stands as a register of all debts. It helps to register the additional costs of debt collecting actions and it automatically accounts the payments which are transferred from bank accounts.

Our system is a great tool for large scale collection and for companies that need to exchange data among their employees smoothly using automatic interfaces.

The key advantage of using DEBT manager is the automatization of debt collecting actions, and therefore the bigger portfolio is handled, the better is return on investment into DEBT Manager system.

Some of our customers reach break even point on investment into DEBT Manager after three-to-six months of systems usage. These are companies that benefited most from automatization of collection processes previously done by a large teams.

BAKK’s support doesn’t end with the go life of the system. BAKK’s DEBT Manager functionality grows over time and we update our customers’ systems scope. Our longest active support in area of large scale collection is served since 2009.

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